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If you do what I do, you like it when the networks you are working with are terminated to a standard connector.  The OBDII connector typically contains all of the vehicle’s networks so that engineers working on the vehicle can easily access the data.  Of course after it is released, the networks are still there, lonely, waiting for companionship.

However in the case of FiatChrysler Cars, a gateway device blocks us hackers from accessing all the data from one location (the OBDII connector).  So if you wanted to access the powertrain or body CAN busses, you had to find them someone in the vehicle and tap into the wires.  Annoying!

Well I have good news, this practice is slowly being phased out.  Now you can find the body networks located on pins 3 and 11 on the new 2011 Town and Country.  All of the data that you’ve come to know and love is now available to you to devour.

As for the new Fiat 500 that will be sold in the US, this also has the body network on the OBDII connector on pins 1 and 9.  However to find the connector is a bit difficult (unless they change it for the US edition).  Look in the upper left area by the steering wheel.  It will be located behind a panel.

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