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I just recently got my hands on a great introductory book into Car Hacking!  It’s called Car Hackers 2014 by Craig Smith.  I’ve worked with Craig in the past and was pleased to see his book.  It’s a great place to start if you want to get more information about the fundamentals of a lot of car hacking things.

Here is the Outline:

Understanding Attack Surfaces
Infotainment Systems
Vehicle Communication Systems
Engine Control Unit
CAN Bus Reversing Methodology
Breaking the Vehicle
CAN Bus Tools
Weaponizing CAN Findings
Attacking TPMS
Ethernet Attacks
Attacking Keyfobs and Immobilizers
Attacking ECUs and other Embedded Systems
What does your hacker garage need?
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Search Amazon for “Car Hackers 2014” ISBN: 978-0-9904901-0-4

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