Revolutionizing Mining Telematics with the CANBusHack Data Logger


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Mining telematics plays a crucial role in optimizing the efficiency and safety of mining operations. Data collection from mining transport systems is essential for providing valuable insights into machine performance and ensuring optimal customer service. In the past, mining companies faced challenges with limited data storage capacity and data logging interruptions. However, the CANBusHack Mining data logger emerged as a powerful solution, offering extensive storage capacity, cyclic logging, and advanced data analysis capabilities.

Problem-Solving with the CANBusHack Mining Data Logger

Mining companies previously encountered two major challenges with their data logging solutions. The limited memory card capacity of their previous loggers restricted the amount of data they could collect and retain. Additionally, without cyclic logging, data logging would halt once the memory card reached capacity, potentially leading to data loss.

The Solution: Embracing the CANBusHack Mining Data Logger

The CANBusHack Mining data logger provided an effective solution to these challenges. Boasting storage capacity, mining companies can now collect and retain a vast amount of data from their mining transport systems. The implementation of cyclic logging ensures continuous data collection, as the oldest data is automatically overwritten once the memory card is full.

Advanced Data Analysis and Operational Optimization

With the CANBusHack Mining data logger, mining companies can effortlessly convert the logged data into CSV files using MDF4 converters. The data can then be further analyzed and formatted using an Excel template. Additionally, mining companies are actively developing a database application that will streamline data collection, generate comprehensive reports, and offer in-depth analyses. Armed with comprehensive machine operational data, mining companies can deliver exceptional customer service and make data-driven decisions to optimize their mining operations.

The Benefits of Choosing the CANBusHack Mining Data Logger.

The CANBusHack Mining data logger provides numerous benefits for mining telematics:

  1. Extensive Storage Capacity: With high capacity, the CANBusHack Mining data logger allows for the collection of a wealth of data, enabling comprehensive analysis and insights.

  2. Cyclic Logging: Continuous data collection is ensured through cyclic logging, preventing interruptions in logging when the memory card is full.

  3. Seamless Connectivity: Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities facilitate easy offloading of data to the mining company’s own servers when vehicles are within range of a WiFi access point.

  4. Remote Support and Optimization: By remotely collecting and analyzing data, mining companies can provide timely and efficient customer support, as well as optimize their mining operations for increased efficiency.


The CANBusHack Mining data logger has revolutionized mining telematics, empowering mining companies with a powerful tool for comprehensive data collection and analysis. Overcoming the challenges of limited data storage and logging interruptions, the CANBusHack Mining data logger has become an indispensable asset for the mining industry. With its extensive storage capacity, cyclic logging, and WiFi connectivity, the CANBusHack Mining data logger allows mining companies to make informed decisions, deliver exceptional customer service, and enhance the overall efficiency and safety of their mining operations.

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