CanBusHack (/ˈCAN.bus.Hack/) is a reverse engineering service, specializing in automotive controller
software. We aim to understand how individual embedded systems operate and communicate.

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We provided next-level services.

CAN data support
Integration support
Vehicle Acquisition
Tool Usage

In addition to this, members will have priority access our online automated reverse engineering applications and to our other services such as C/C++ engineering services, unit testing services, instrumentation services, reverse engineering training, and much more

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Hack Your Vehicle

Using our tools to receive and send CAN data.

Bus1 (Receive)
Bus1 (Send)
Bus2 (Receive)
Bus2 (Send)

Hack your vehicle by understanding the information passing through bus controllers and injecting your own message.

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Capture & Replay

Capture, Mark and replay CAN traffic.

animation begin
loop 1 begin
change begin
change complete
loop 1 complete
loop 2 begin
change begin
change complete
loop 2 complete
loop 3 begin
change begin
change complete
loop 3 complete
animation complete

Start capturing CAN traffic with our tools and mark points of intrest so that you may replay that data and decode it.

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CanBusHack Database

We did it so you wont have to!

CanBusHack offers the largest Database of indexed CAN Data, we captured and decode parameters so you wouldnt have to.

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