CanBusHack (/ˈcan.bus.hack/) is a reverse engineering service specializing in automotive controller software
We aim to understand how individual embedded systems operate and communicate.


High Availablity Application Program Interface

Haapi (High Availability Application Programming Interface) Read Live data from any vehicle 2010 or newer, using a Rest API and End-Points.

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Vehicle Hacking

Cool things come to those who hack!

can data incoming
can data outgoing
can data transfer
can data debugging

Hack your vehicle by understanding the information passing through bus controllers and injecting your own messages, or even create custom functions.


Making the process easier for the world.

animation begin
loop 1 begin
change begin
change complete
loop 1 complete
loop 2 begin
change begin
change complete
loop 2 complete
loop 3 begin
change begin
change complete
loop 3 complete
animation complete

Our tools will allow you to start capturing CAN traffic right away and having the ability to mark points of interest so that you may replay that data and decode it.

CanBusHack Database

Worlds largest CanDatabase.

High Availability Application Programming Interface canbushack prod. 19 29 30/ 06/ 2012 12456: 123456789. 12456: 123456789  12456 canbushack prod. 19 29 30/ 06/ 2012

CanBusHack offers the largest Database of indexed CAN Data, we captured and decode parameters so you wont have to.

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